New model Alexis, coming soon

I’m excited to have arranged a shoot later this month with Alexis. Alexis is 5’10” and has modeled for artists in the UK, Europe, and South Africa. Built for art modeling, her stats are a natural 32DD-24-34, dress size 2. She has no artificial anything, no tattoos, long brunette hair, and blazing blue eyes. Beyond her physical perfection, Alexis has instincts for interesting poses and an undying commitment to quality. She is unpretentious and impressive in every way.

Maria Eriksson

Two months ago, Alexis and I had never spoken to each other. Blown away by each other’s work, both Alexis and I see this as an opportunity to combine her natural beauty and talent with my unique artistic style and produce something beyond what either of us has done before. In short, exactly what both of us were looking for. Soon, she will be presenting her amazing face to my camera for the first time.

Alexis will be flying to historic Charleston SC, for a two day marathon of nude photography. We have a number of shoot locations lined up in and around Charleston including studio and location settings. The main theme of the shooting is artistic nudes, however it will also include some casual and behind-the-scenes images.

Because Alexis is from the UK, I have the idea of her posing with a restored classic British Morgan convertible car. I also have access to an old Charleston building and we will shoot in my studio.

Art Nude Photography


I will be offering for download, through Kickstarter, multiple hi-res images from the shoots, behind-the-scenes video, and a printed image collection.

Test Shoot with Krystal for Bahamas Trip

Krystal nude test shoot

Audition shoot with new model, Krystal D R in Orlando. I’ve managed to create a few good photos in difficult circumstances. On my side were: a very attractive subject, more-than-adequate equipment, and four years of art school. On the down side: a ceiling too-low for my 7-foot reflector and a location that looks more like pin-up or boudoir than an art shoot. I still managed to still cut off her finger tips in this shot.

I’ve been down here interviewing a few applicants for a shoot in The Bahamas that will take place in 2015. More to come later!

Don’t Fall in Love with Your Artistic Creations

Whenever I look at one of my images and think, “I love this shot,” a little red flag goes up in my mind. Falling in love with your own work is a path to stagnation. If you stop being critical of your work, you grow blind to your shortcomings. It can happen for valid reasons. The shots are probably pretty good, with superb models, expert poses, and well-crafted lighting. There is nothing wrong with being proud, but don’t fall in love with your own photography. Revel in success briefly, then resume the self criticism. It can be a tortured existence, but an artist can’t be their own fan.

I love this shot, and that could be a problem.

I love this shot, and that could be a problem.

Alternative Color Nudes: Art Photo Book

I am assembling a photo book of 100+ fine art nude images in a photo book celebrating the female form.

This book explores unusual color in a departure from the mainstream. The designs include: subtle twists on classic black and white, monochromes (sepia, for example), and engineered color (examples of these follow).

The color treatments are meticulously applied across each image using manual tone painting (a digital version of hand coloring).

Funds raised will be put towards studio time, stylists, makeup artists, props, travel to locations, paying models, and other expenses towards finishing the images and getting books printed for the backers.


The book can be pre-ordered on Kickstarter until Dec 12.

Ten Ideas That Pay Off for New Models

I’ve talked to a lot of models and worked with hundreds. Many ask me what they can do to improve the number of shoots they do. Here is a summary of ten at the top.

  1. Hit the gym. The good news is that much of your competition spends less than two hours a week at the gym. Your goal is to beat these girls, not tie them. The models who succeed spend an average of four to six hours a week with vigorous exercise. Walking to class or work is a good start, next hit the hard workouts.
  2. Cut out the sugar. Next time you down a Chocolate Frappuccino, just remember you’re consuming an extra 500 calories. One a week and you’ll gain 50 pounds in a year.
  3. Look for work. The work isn’t going to come to you. Scour the casting calls for work that you can do.
  4. Build your portfolio. Shoot as much as you can until you have a great looking portfolio
  5. Show what you look like. Does your portfolio show everything but you? Bulky jackets, seated poses, hidden face? A simple shot that shows what your body looks like (doesn’t have to be nude) goes a very long way.
  6. Be prompt. Replying within two business days is considered professional. If you’re going to be away, let people know with an autoresponder or note on your web site.
  7. Be honest and upfront. Mention any scars, tattoos, or other information that is relevant.
  8. Only apply to castings where you are qualified. Read the whole casting and make sure it is a good fit. This will save you a lot of time.
  9. Ask for referrals. After a successful shoot ask for a referral to other opportunities.
  10. Be honest with yourself. Do you have the drive to be a model? Are you ready to workout almost every day? Can you give up most of the fatty and sugary foods? Modeling can be fun and rewarding, with some hard work and lucky genetics you can go to unimaginable heights.
Amber, nude model Charleston SC gymnastic floor pose

Hard work in the gym pays off