Pink Sands | Art Nude Photo Book from a Unique Location

Pink Sands is an art photo book celebrating the female form. Every backer gets exclusive project updates with photos and HD video.

I am assembling a photo book of 100+ fine art nude and implied nude images in a unique location.

Pink Sands is an art nude photo book shot on a small Island on the outskirts of the Bahamas. This multi-model shoot will showcase beauty in pristine nature. This idea started with a generous and unique opportunity, use of a large house for one week.




Why your next model will flake and what you should have done

When I first started shooting after college, I used to suffer from no-shows more than half the time. Its been so long ago its hard to remember. At the time, I was trying hard to forget about all the effort put into booking a model, setting up the studio, only to never hear from her again. The problem was what I was doing and if you’re suffering from no-shows, chances are you are making some of the same mistakes.

These days, I hardly have a no-show. Most models confirm with me on their own. I would say about 5% of my shoots are cancelled, and some of those are due to unforeseeable events in my own life, like rain on the beach where I wanted to shoot. Of my cancelled shoots, most are rebooked.

I used to think that the keys were things like confirming with models two days in advance and doing your homework. Those things are important, but what you do before you agree to a booking is the most important. The real key is not to book a flake in the first place.

  1. Make sure the model wants this at least as much as you do
  2. Don’t be somebody’s backup plan
  3. Use a litmus test

All these focus on a single theme: avoid models who never intend to show in the first place. Even if you’ve done your homework, and it turns up no yellow flags such as an old portfolio, you can wind up with a no-show. Book models who really want to work with you. Identify them by what they say and don’t say, do they know your work? Did they research you and seek you out? Or are they just keeping you in mind in case their other gig cancels on them.

nude model art

Light the Nude with Paul C Buff PLM

Here are two images, of the same model, each lit with a pair of Paul C Buff PLMs (Parabolic Lighting Modifier). The PLM comes in various sizes: 51, 64, and 86 inches in diameter (130, 163, and 218cm). I’m using the largest, so its a little over seven feet across, taller than my models.

The PLM was used in a couple of ways here: the bare silver umbrella, and with a white diffusion material stretched across the front. Can you tell which is which? Answer at the end of the article.

The umbrella modifier attaches via either a speedring for compatible flash units, or an umbrella shaft for universal mounting. The umbrella shaft will leave the modifier slightly off-center; this is not a concern when using it with the front diffuser. For the bare umbrella, a speedring is advised so that the light is centered and focused properly. Speed Rings are available for Paul C Buff (including Alien Bees) and Elinchrom. One of mine is mounted to a Paul Buff Zeus Bi-Tube head, the other a Speedotron 105 quad-tube via shaft.

With the diffusion material, the PLM becomes an “umbrella box” or “brolly-box”. The effect is softer light, spread over a less restrained area. There will be fewer specular highlights. The white fabric fits over the face of the umbrella. A donut-hole accommodates the flash unit and a drawstring to tightens around the face of the flash. A second drawstring tightens around the edge of the umbrella.

The bare, silver umbrella concentrates the light from the strobe (flash). It produces a tightly focused, narrow shaft of light with sharp, pronounced falloff, creating a dramatic effects. The extreme size however, still provides shadow wrapping as long as it’s not too far from the subject. There is a lot of specularity (sparkle) that you would expect from a silver reflector. Catchlights in eyes (can’t be seen in these) show the ribbed umbrella.

So which image uses the bare umbrella? Its Image “B.”

Image “A” uses the diffusers to turn the umbrellas into umbrella boxes.

Here are what the lighting units look like:

Shot with Nikon D3.

Planning for the Bahamas

I’ve been shooting nudes on the beach and plan to go to the Bahamas soon with several models. I love the way the water and sky look behind the figure. When the light is low in the sky is my favorite. This allows the camera to capture dramatic reflections and shadows.

We will be staying for a week on a small island. This means I will have a total of 14 opportunities for sunrises and sunsets. It is going to be a huge opportunity to spend this much time with so many talented models. I am looking forward to the results!

I have free use of a very suitable beach house that seems on the edge of paradise. With all the great models going, I am expecting to put together a wonderful printed book as well as a digital one. I will raise the remaining money I need (for flying all the models in, food, etc.) with books and other items related to the photography project.

I will keep posting updates. You can follow the project here.

New model Alexis, coming soon

I’m excited to have arranged a shoot later this month with Alexis. Alexis is 5’10” and has modeled for artists in the UK, Europe, and South Africa. Built for art modeling, her stats are a natural 32DD-24-34, dress size 2. She has no artificial anything, no tattoos, long brunette hair, and blazing blue eyes. Beyond her physical perfection, Alexis has instincts for interesting poses and an undying commitment to quality. She is unpretentious and impressive in every way.

Maria Eriksson

Two months ago, Alexis and I had never spoken to each other. Blown away by each other’s work, both Alexis and I see this as an opportunity to combine her natural beauty and talent with my unique artistic style and produce something beyond what either of us has done before. In short, exactly what both of us were looking for. Soon, she will be presenting her amazing face to my camera for the first time.

Alexis will be flying to historic Charleston SC, for a two day marathon of nude photography. We have a number of shoot locations lined up in and around Charleston including studio and location settings. The main theme of the shooting is artistic nudes, however it will also include some casual and behind-the-scenes images.

Because Alexis is from the UK, I have the idea of her posing with a restored classic British Morgan convertible car. I also have access to an old Charleston building and we will shoot in my studio.

Art Nude Photography


I will be offering for download, through Kickstarter, multiple hi-res images from the shoots, behind-the-scenes video, and a printed image collection.

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    My newest project is to produce a photobook of 100+ images of several models, shot in a secluded island location. To see details, visit Pink Sands on Kickstarter.

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