Why confidence matters

Models exhibiting self-confidence do better as do confident photographers.

A confident model is more likely to follow through on a scheduled shoot and approach new poses with an open mind than one who is doubting herself. A self-assured photographer will present himself with more appeal and close bookings at a higher rate.

A photographer’s confidence comes from experience and how much effort he has put in over the years. A model’s confidence, since she typically only has a few years or less of experience, is often based on her personality.

Some signs of a confident model.

Remember, the more confident, the more likely that you will get the results that you arrange.

  • Speaks about her age as an asset (e.g. Now that I’m 20 I feel I know a lot more)
  • Speaks about her height and other characteristics positively (e.g. I’m 5’6″, taller than most gals)
  • Begins communication with excitement about a project
  • Sends her photos and stats without having to be asked
  • Answers questions directly
  • Is independant (has own car, dwelling, etc.)

Signs of a self-doubting model.

Sometimes models who seem almost identical in their stats and experiences may have a totally different take on themselves.

  • Speaks about her age as a weakness (e.g. I’m only 20, I really don’t know much)
  • Speaks about her height and other characteristics negatively (e.g. I’m only 5’6″, so I’m rarely chosen)
  • Begins communication with doubts about a project
  • Holds back photos and stats until specifically asked
  • Conversation includes friends and family (coordinating with their schedules and opinions before making decisions)

Nude modeling itself gives people a sense of self-confidence. It doesn’t matter if it is for photography or posing nude for a college art class.

Tess was a confident model

Tess was a confident model

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About A. K. Nicholas

A. K. Nicholas is an American photographer with a passion for collaborating with models and sharing knowledge. He became interested in art through museum visits and other cultural experiences in Europe, America, Africa, and Asia. Growing up the Middle East, he observed how women’s bodies were hidden from public view; in stark contrast Europeans mostly lacked prudishness. Compare those to America, where there is a bifurcated culture: half of us celebrate our beauty while the other half shuns it. His initial training with the nude was figure drawing while studying art in college, but knew that photography would be his medium of choice. His first nude shoot was a complete surprise to him when a classmate in college assumed that his invitation to model meant for her to be nude. After college, he became a freelance artist and professional photographer. He has spent decades photographing hundreds of models for publication in books, articles, as framed prints, product advertisements, for stock agencies, and gallery exhibits. These days, when he picks up a camera, it is to fulfill a personal calling and not the agenda of a client. He is happiest when working on creative projects and devotes as much time as possible to new ideas. His second favorite thing is helping others further their artistic endeavors. He writes to help you learn from his experience, including how to avoid some common mistakes and to encourage your creativity.